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WILD WEST Youth Lock-in

Posted February 8th, 2017


Young Men & Women Ready for Adventure

in the Wild West Lock-in!

Friday & Saturday, February 24 & 25

7:00 PM - 7:00 AM

Ages 7th - 12 Grade


Saddle up and join the posse for an all night gallop through the Wild West!

Each of our brave teams must face the dangers and challenges of one of America's most iconic eras. From games of strategy to daring rescues,

we'll "Saddle up and move 'em out" on the trail of adventure!

What to Bring:
-$5 Fee
-Comfortable clothes
-Snacks and Drinks to share
-Sleeping bag and pillow (just in case)
-Change of clothes (just in case)
-Deodorant ... please

What NOT to Bring:
- While you may have your cellphone in case you need to contact your

parents you may not have any electronic games.

We're going to be having fun non-stop - no need to bring stuff that will

distract you from spending quality time with your friends.
- NO ENERGY DRINKS if you're parents are ok with you drinking them at

other times that's between you and them. However for health reasons

we will not allow them at the lock in. We'll have plenty of other

caffeinated beverages and sugar... you'll survive.